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Competitive pricing from $1498 per sq.m. 


New Land and House Packages Now Available in Faringdon, Rolleston...Pricing from $489,000.

New Land and House Packages - Lot 299 Faringdon, Rolleston



New Land and House Package for Lot 306 Faringdon, Rolleston



New Land and House Package for Lot 307 Faringdon, Rolleston




2017 Master Builders House of the Year Competition

Homes by Parklane's are proud to share their recent awards in the 2017 Master Build House of the Year Competition.

  • GIB Showhome - Gold Award and New Zealand Gold Reserve Award
  • PlaceMakers Volume/Group Housing up to $450,000 - Gold Award & Category Award Winner
  • PlaceMakers Volume/Group Housing up to $450,000 - Silver Award
  • PlaceMakers Volume/Group Housing up to $450,000 - Silver Award
  • Resene New Home up to $450,000 - Silver Award


Visit the Master Build website below:®ion=25288&builder=16612


Come and see us to discover our standout homes for an outstanding price.


Pricing starts from $1498 per sq.m.


6 Craig Thompson Drive, Flemington, Lincoln


Now open Wednesday to Sunday from 12.00pm to 4.00pm.


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Homes by Parklane are a solely based local Christchurch building company. We have been constructing homes all over Canterbury as a Registered Master Builder for over 15 years and have 27 years industry experience and knowledge. That means that our clients have the peace of mind and confidence of knowing that the biggest investment of their lives is in good hands.

We pride ourselves on our honest, flexible reputation. We approach each individual project from start to finish, managing the clients expectations and keeping them at the forefront.

House Plans/Designs

Our core business is delivering a one-off home for each client, which suits how they live. We can offer you:

  • A full range of plans
  • Customised designs
  • Modifications of your own concept

So whether you are rebuilding your quake damaged home, want to rebuild anew, are building for the first time, or are even an investor looking for a project, we have the solution for you and your budget.

Personalised Service

When you build with Homes by Parklane you will get the opportunity to deal with a team who will be intimately responsible for delivering your project. 

NO pushy sales people or expensive multi-layered management!

You will have full access to our guidance and experience throughout the entire process, from working drawings to completion. This means less room for errors or those unexpected over-runs associated with dealing with the machine like building companies.


Competitive Pricing

Word-of-mouth advertising, over the years, has meant that, even outside the earthquake rebuild, we have been able to maintain our low overheads.

Expensive adverts, celebrity endorsements, sales commissions and franchise costs all add unnecessary expense to the cost of the building and can be a risk when dealing with large companies.

So by keeping our reputation up…we keep the cost of your home down!!


Suppliers and Industry Experts

We have established strong relationships with leading suppliers of materials, so we can pass the benefits of BRANZ quality and savings on to you.

Kitchen designers, colour consultants, flooring specialists, drafts-people, and other related skilled professionals, are all part of the service at Homes by Parklane.



Over our many years building homes in Christchurch and Canterbury, we have built up strong relationships with reliable tradespeople who, we know, work to our exacting standards.

As award-winning builders, we have had the pleasure of building many homes throughout Canterbury. We pride ourselves in our quality service, products and excellent value for money.

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About Us

Homes by Parklane is an award-winning, long-standing Christchurch-based residential building company that provides a comprehensive package that takes you from design stage to completion. Select from our extensive house plans, an individualised existing plan or a one-off customised design. Our plans can be modified to suit your individual needs, style and budget.